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PV2011: Objectives

Standards for Archives and Interoperability enabling new added value services

After five very successful events, PV 2002 at CNES in Toulouse, France, PV 2004 at ESA/ESRIN in Frascati, Italy, PV 2005 at DCC in Edinburgh, UK, PV 2007at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany and PV 2009 at ESAC in Madrid, Spain, the conference series is back to Toulouse and continues to address prospects in the domain of scientific and technical data preservation together with value adding to these data.

The amount of digital data increases, the price for storage capacity decreases, the technology is still rapidly evolving offering new ways of storing, publishing and building added value services on top of data. Temptation is high to believe that dealing with massive amount of data is easy, just because data storage gets every day cheaper and the technology more stable. But data management, data description and data curation remain the challenges for building modern archives while keeping in mind their long-term preservation.

Coupled with flexible and open software architecture, these are the basis to allow inter-operability amongst archives while enabling the development of new added value services and applications on top of existing data, ensuring its higher utilization by end (and new) users.

Programme Organizing Committee


  • Richard Moreno, CNES, Toulouse, France
  • Christophe Arviset, ESA-ESAC, Villafranca del Castillo, Spain


  • Mirko Albani, ESA-ESRIN, Roma, Italy
  • Reta Beebe, NASA/PDS, NMSU, USA
  • Daniele Boucon, CNES, Toulouse, France
  • Francoise Genova, CDS, Strasbourg, France
  • David Giaretta, Alliance for Permanent Access
  • Martine Larroque, CNES, Toulouse, France
  • Eberhard Mikusch, DLR, Oberpaffenhofen, Germany
  • Claire Pottier, CNES, Toulouse, France
  • Harald Rothfuss, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany
  • Thomas Stein, Washington University, USA

Organizing Committee

  • Laurence Amen, CNES, Toulouse, France
  • Corinne Leroy, Carte Blanche, Saïx, France